What Strippers in Maine can bring to your bachelor party

Why should you call Love Birds for strippers for your upcoming Bachelor party? Find out what we can bring to the party…

Bachelor party plans can range in fun from mild to wild, depending on your tastes, your budget and your style. It’s important to know what all of your options are in order to create an evening that won’t be forgotten! The exotic dancers at Love Birds are more than just pole dancers; these ladies (and men, and more!) will bring plenty of surprises.

How to plan your bachelor (or birthday, or divorce) party…

There are certain key things that make a party: music, consumables and women! Love Birds can provide all of this, but if you don’t need us to pick up a pizza on our way to you we can always bring the whipped cream and cherries! Not hungry? You will be!

Our adult entertainment is hands-on fun. Love Birds party girls will DJ for you their favorite party hits, regardless of what genre of music you request. We will also bring fun tricks upon request such as special lighting, speakers, and other audio and visual effects. A good party should not be too brightly lit; think of the last time you went into a bar. When all the lights came on, the party was over. Our ladies will help you create a sensual environment and set up the mood in less than ten minutes.

Don’t rely on $1 and $2 (one and two dollar) bills to set the mood!

Teasing strippers with balled up tips is fun when you’re watching from the audience, however, our parties are interactive. The more you tip, the better the show! Make sure that all of your party goers have plenty of fives, tens and twenties available to encourage participation. Lap dances are for everyone! Don’t worry- only the bachelor will experience the full Love Birds experience. Plan to set aside a sizable tip to encourage our dancers to take out the big surprises. From gentle banter and light humiliation/BDSM play, to drawing on our shirtless bachelor with that whipped cream. If you’re lucky, you can convince the girls to incorporate a sticky dance routine!

Ready to view our available girls? Check us out here!

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